Ensoulment of the Human Embryo


In a June 1, 2003 Commentary/Opinion/Letter in the National Catholic Register entitled Embryonic Ensoulment, Father Tad addresses Catholic Church teaching, and specifically whether or not the Church definitively holds that at fertilization, the human embryo is ensouled with an immortal, immaterial and rational soul.


In an August 10, 2003 article in the National Catholic Register entitled The Wisdom of the Church Is in Her Silence, Too — The Embryonic Ensoulment Debate: Father Pacholczyk Responds, he explains in greater detail the Church's teachings regarding the ensoulment of the human embryo and the inviolability of embryonic humans. An online version of this article is archived here on the National Catholic Register website.


See also Father Tad's March, 2008 Making Sense of Bioethics Column addressing this theme entitled Do Embryos Have Souls?