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WSJ: "Covid-19 Vaccines Draw Warnings From Some Catholic Bishops"


Father Tad comments to the Wall Street Journal about J&J's COVID-19 vaccine and the question of whether it is ‘Morally Compromised.’ Referring to the vaccine in this way is perhaps not the most helpful phrase to employ in the discussion, given that all the currently available vaccines can be said to partake of some degree of “moral compromise.” It would be preferable to use more precise language and note that in the development of the J&J vaccine there is “a greater reliance on abortion-derived cell lines” than for Moderna or Pfizer. In the article, Father Tad notes that there are, nonetheless, circumstances when it could be acceptable to take the J & J vaccine: “Importantly, the Catholic Church does not condemn the J & J vaccine or any other vaccine,” Fr. Pacholczyk said. “Someone with a sufficiently serious reason, such as a threat to one’s health, could use any of the three Covid-19 vaccines.”

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Wall Street Journal - Covid-19 Vaccines Draw Warnings From Some Catholic Bishops