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On this special podcast-extended episode of the Catholic Current, Fr. McTeigue welcomes back Fr. Tad for a "deep dive" into a broad swath of current controversial topics, ranging from human fertility to IVF, from the injustices of embryo freezing to the concept of embryo adoption. What are the fundamental moral issues involved in these critical beginning of life issues, what can be done for the children trapped in cryogenic orphanages? Why does IVF involve a substitution for the marital act, and wouldn't the laws that limit the practice of IVF in Italy and Germany serve as a good "first step" for Americans to be able to begin heading in the direction of a more just society, one that no longer allows for the Wild West of Infertility to run roughshod over marital sexuality and vulnerable human life at its earliest stages? 


The Catholic Current : Human Fertility and Current Controversies (Fr. Tadeusz Pacholczyk) 4/22/24


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