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Missouri Catholic Conference Executive Director and General Counsel, Jamie Morris talks with Father Tad about couples struggling with infertility and how such couples can discern a path forward to share their male-female complementarity in and through their marriage. They discuss the difference between assisting the marital act, and replacing it with another act (like IVF), as well as looking at options to address the underlying medical issues that may be contributing to a couple's inability to conceive a child, whether it's low sperm count or a blocked fallopian tube or irregularities in the woman's cycle. Father Tad concludes that God always has a plan for couples who are facing infertility, whether it's to eventually resolve the underlying cause, or to express their fruitfulness in other ways like adoption, or through outreach to children in the community who may be lacking parental figures as through "Big Brother, Big Sister" types of programs.



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