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Host Cy Kellett and Father Tad take questions on air from callers around the country and discuss a range of issues. Topics of interest to listeners included:

12:06 - What’s your advice on how to handle my 20 year old son who is in the process of transitioning using female hormones. How can I cope? Do you have any resources?
23:30 - Is Medi-Share Christian Health faithful to Catholic ethics?
29:43 - What are your thoughts on Assisted reproductive technology?
36:47 - What is the Church’s teaching on embryo adoption?
44:15 - If a pregnant mom has surgery on her baby in the womb where the baby is lifted out for the procedure, can the baby be baptized before being placed back into the uterus?
46:30 - How does one determine if a vaccine is ethically produced? I’m specifically thinking about the HPV vaccine.
51:53 - What am I morally responsible for when it comes to administering drugs as a healthcare administrator?

Audio of Catholic Answers Live Program on Bioethics

Video of Catholic Answers Live Program on Bioethics