The Gift of Dying Well

Presentation at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit


This professionally-filmed video offers a full-length educational presentation drawing on the rich tradition of Catholic teaching about End of Life Decision Making. It includes an extended Q & A section with audience members. 

End of life medical decisions can be challenging. The availability of so many options and complex technologies can be daunting to families dealing with a sick family member. We may wonder:

— Is a ventilator required?

— What about morphine?

— Should I have a Living Will?

This first installment of the series "Seeking the Moral Path," this video offers guidance and direction for those who may be facing these and other questions.

Even as we face the reality of end stage suffering, we encounter opportunities for change and transformation. Father Tad emphasizes how important it is to respect the dying process as a time of unanticipated graces with its opportunities for interpersonal healing and spiritual growth, not only for the ailing individual, but for those around him or her. 

A high-resolution copy of this presentation for use in classroom, parish and other settings is available for download on the Vimeo website. 





Catholicism and Contraception

Presentation at Prince of Peace Catholic Community in Houston, TX


Married love today stands in need of a kind of revitalization and strengthening. This video seeks to engage this situation by offering an expansive discussion and understanding of the Lord's teachings on human sexuality.

Catholicism and Contraception provides a lively and engaging explanation of the ethical concerns surrounding contraception in marriage, drawing upon the rich tradition of Catholic teaching on marital sexuality.

It includes an extended Q & A section with audience members. Father Tad addresses a range of questions, including:

— How can we space our children while respecting the beauty and sacredness of marital intimacy?

— What is Humanae Vitae and why is its message so important today?

— Why are NFP and contraception so different morally?

Father Tad emphasizes that when couples generously embrace and live out the Church's teaching in this arena of married life, they discover a fulfilling path forward that not only helps order their sexuality, but deepens their shared love and aligns their fruitfulness with the expansive and liberating plan of God.

A high-resolution copy of this presentation for use in classroom and other settings is available for download on the Vimeo website.




Host a Parish or Public Event

Zoom in Father Tad Live for Q&A Afterwards!


If a parish or church schedules a viewing of any of these videos to a live group, you can request that Father Tad ZOOM in after the showing and he will take questions live from the audience.

To do this, the NCBC requests that the parish take out an NCBC Parish Membership ($300), which includes a number of additional benefits for the parish. If the sponsoring group for the talk is not a parish, a donation to the National Catholic Bioethics Center of $300.00 will enable Father Tad to Zoom in for the Q & A.

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Cutting Through the Spin on Stem Cell Research

Presentation at Bishop Verot High School in Fort Myers, Florida


This professionally-filmed video offers a highly accessible and lively explanation of the controversy surrounding embryonic stem cell research, with up-to-date ethical and scientific information. It offers an enhanced and improved version of a talk originally filmed in the studios of Boston Catholic TV. A memorable Q & A section with students from the school adds further appeal to this remarkable presentation.

To obtain a higher-resolution DVD copy of this presentation for use in classroom and other settings, please contact Elizabeth Lee (





Vaccines, Ventilators and the Ethics of COVID-19 

Lecture Delivered at the National Meeting of the Catholic Bar Association


In this lecture originally offered at the Catholic Bar Association Meeting in October of 2020, Father Tad Pacholczyk, Ph.D., Director of Education at the National Catholic Bioethics Center discusses several key ethical topics related to COVID-19.