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The NCBC’s Father Tad answered call-in questions related to bioethics on the May 26, 2023 episode of EWTN’s Catholic Answers Live show. Various topics of interest to listeners were covered, including:

  • 01:40 - What do we mean by "bioethics"? 
  • 03:05 - What about the technology in the news that is producing babies with DNA from 3 different parents? 
  • 13:47 - As people have their body parts replaced with mechanical parts (arms, heart, etc.) is there a point where they are no longer themselves?
  • 19:00 - Are there any updates on stem cell research? Human embryonic stem cell research?
  • 31:49 - Is it acceptable to donate your body to science? What is the Church’s stance on cremation?
  • 37:02 – Legally, do you have to test animal embryos before testing human embryos? Is it ethical to preserve embryos or fetuses on display for educational purposes?
  • 45:07 - Are condoms licit during pregnancy if they can help prevent bacterial infection when antibiotics can be harmful to the mother or baby?
  • 50:32 - How can one deal with an ectopic pregnancy — which procedures are ethically allowable, and why does a salpingostomy raise ethical concerns?

The interview is available here: 

Audio of Catholic Answers Live Program on Bioethics

Video of Catholic Answers Live Program on Bioethics: