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Topic: New Stem Cell Cures?

Advances in Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Ethical Concerns.  In today's show Father Tad addresses the announcement of new therapies that are being developed from human embryonic stem cells and starting to be reported in the scientific literature. He reviews the significant ethical controversies surrounding this type of research, especially concerns about the direct and intentional destruction of young humans for the purposes of obtaining their cells and tissues. Alternative approaches to the use of these cells are discussed, especially therapeutic strategies that rely on umbilical, adult and induced pluripotent stem cells. 

Broadcast Date: December 22, 2021


2021.12.22 LA Catholic Morning:



Topic: Vaccine Mandates

Navigating Vaccines in a COVID influenced world.  In today's show Father Tad and the hosts of the show address the polarizing issue of vaccines and vaccine mandates. They discuss the Church’s views on conscience, discernment, and the concept of freedom of conscience, especially when it comes to deciding about health care interventions for ourselves. They also touch on the need to understand the continually developing science around a new vaccine and look at what steps are typically involved in seeking a vaccine exemption. They also discuss how unexamined fears can be a motivating factor behind vaccine mandates and consider the Christian spiritual duty to "fear not," even in the face of new and unexpected pandemics. 

Broadcast Date: October 5, 2021


2021.10.05 LA Catholic Morning:



Topic: Is Boxing Immoral as a Sport?

A Moral Analysis of the Goals and Ends of the Sport of Boxing. In this  segment, Todd  and Michelle discuss with Father Tad the serious concerns surrounding a sport which has as its stated purpose the goal of inducing a state of temporary unconsciousness, via a concussion, in one's opponent. 

Broadcast Date: September 9, 2021


2021.09.09 LA Catholic Morning:



Topic: Should I Get Married and Have Kids?

What Young People Could Most Profit From Hearing About Marriage. In this inspiring segment, Todd Sylvester and Father Tad discuss the beauties and joys of family life, and look at the modern cultural need for strong messaging around the enduring blessings of marriage and children as a fulfilling pathway for young people.

Broadcast Date: August 3, 2021


2021.08.03 LA Catholic Morning:



Topic: Childhood Gender Transitions

Keira Bell Challenges the Establishment on Childhood Gender Transitions. In today's show Todd, Michelle, and Father Tad  discuss the story of Keira Bell, who sued the Tavistock clinic in London after she claimed the medical staff failed to challenge her seriously about her decision as a teenager to transition to a male. She received puberty blockers, testosterone and an operation to remove her breasts. In a landmark ruling delivered in December 2020, a British court upheld her claim that she’d been rushed through gender reassignment without proper safeguards, and noted that children cannot properly give consent in such situations.

Broadcast Date: July 14, 2021


2021.07.14 LA Catholic Morning:



Topic: Should We Take Whatever Vaccine is Offered?

The Importance of Discerning Our Options. In today’s show, Father Tad addresses the need
for discernment when seeing if a particular vaccine is the right choice for us, in light of whether we fit
the profile of those who would benefit, risks associated with the vaccines, medical factors such as
allergies, and ethical issues such as associations with cell lines derived from abortion. The hosts and
Father also touch on the notion of mandates and the benefits of natural immunity.

Broadcast Date: March 31, 2021


2021.03.31 LA Catholic Morning:



Topic: How Should We Respond to a “Low Quality of Life?”

The “Quality of Life” Error. Our “quality of life” is not just dictated by physical conditions but
also by the supportive relationships we have with those around us. To the extent that an individual
seems to have a low quality of life, our efforts should be directed towards raising their quality of life
rather than angling to deny them treatments and thereby accelerate the ending of their life.

Broadcast Date: February 24, 2021


2021.02.24 LA Catholic Morning:



Topic: Vaccines and Other Entanglements with Abortion

Clarifying the Ethical Questions Around “An Association with Abortion.” In today's episode Father Tad discusses many issues concerning the development of vaccines in general as well as the new COVID-19 vaccines. We can support the sentiment that “I don’t want a vaccine with any connection to abortion,” but the idea of a "connection" or an "association" needs to be unpacked and understood precisely and in line with the mind and teachings of the Church.

Broadcast Date: January 27, 2021


2021.01.27 LA Catholic Morning: