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Topic: Dehumanizing One Another

Recognizing Each Other's Humanity in the Midst of Conflict. 

In today’s show Father Tad discusses, the broad temptation to dehumanize one another throughout history and into modern times, looking at an example from the current conflict in Ukraine. In the world of biomedical science, he notes there exist similar temptations to dehumanize others, as seen in expanding societal pressure to encourage abortion and euthanasia. They discuss the need to recognize and respect, whether during times of war or other situations of vulnerability, both enemies and non-enemies such as the unborn and the elderly, as fully human.

Broadcast Date: May 18, 2022


2022.05.18 LA Catholic Morning:



Topic: Too Much Morphine?

Reasonable Administration of Pain Medication. In this segment, Father Tad addresses the proper use of pain medication (such as morphine) at the end of life, and discusses concerns about using it when it is not needed, or is employed in dosages that are unnecessarily high. In order to benefit from pain medication, it should be titered to the actual pain needs of the patient. Additional considerations near the end of life will include whether or not the patient needs to be fully conscious to take care of final matters, such as saying goodbye to others and receiving the last sacraments.

Broadcast Date: March 15, 2022


2022.03.15 LA Catholic Morning:



Topic: Harvesting Organs from Pigs

Clarifying the Church’s Position on a New Organ Donation Procedure.  In today’s show, Father Tad discusses the ethics and feasibility of pig organ transplants into humans, a relatively new development with life-saving potential. This has the ability to impact a broader range of issues, such as the diminishing the pressure to harvest organs from the poor and vulnerable overseas, as well as addressing the significant shortage of organ donors in the United States. Pig organs are quite close to a suitable size for humans, and can be rapidly grown for human transplantation, but the ultimate success of such transplantation will depend on further work to optimize the potential for the organs to escape immune rejection, and to function reliably over the long term.

Broadcast Date: February 10, 2022


2022.02.10 LA Catholic Morning:



Topic: Forced Sterilization

The Importance of Learning from the Past.  In this segment, Fr. Tad relays the importance of caring for those institutionalized with intellectual disabilities by recounting the dark history of forced sterilization and the call for Christians to embrace the opportunity to advocate on their behalf. Fr. Tad discusses the need to pay attention and exercise caution in situations where the disabled are most likely to be victimized, such as institutional settings or other settings where some patients may not be properly cared for. He discusses the importance of not repeating the mistakes of the past, both on a moral and legislative level. 

Broadcast Date: January 18, 2022


2022.01.18 LA Catholic Morning:





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