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In the first segment of The Catholic Connection, Teresa and Fr. Tad discuss the recent development that children who have gender dysphoria will no longer be given puberty blockers, according to the National Health Services in England, ushering in a radical change in how it cares for them. There is not enough evidence about either how safe they are to take or whether they are clinically effective to justify prescribing them to children and young people who are transitioning, according to the latest research.

In the second segment, Teresa and Fr. Tad discuss Alabama's top court and its ruling that IVF embryos are children. They look at the ongoing controversy surrounding the recent IVF decision, and discuss the Church’s teachings on assisted reproduction and IVF (Father’s recently-released videos about IVF are available here). Many Catholics may not be familiar with this area of Church teaching, and may not be sure how to explain it to friends and family. 


Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo


Interview begins at 17:25: