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Topics: Medical Marijuanna; Too Many Tattoos 

Serious Concerns of Legalizing Medical Marijuanna.In today's interview Father Tad tackles the use of medical marijuanna. Father Addresses the fact that while it may seem like marijuanna is a miracle drug and can lead to an increase in tax revenue, we still need to treat it like any other new drug and put it through the proper tests. Father addresses some of the dangers associated with the use of medical marijuanna as medication such as an increased tolerance to other pain medications in the future and seeing an increase of driving under the influence in states where it is in use. 

Taboos on Tattoos. In the second segment of today's interview Father Tad addresses the widespread nature of tattoos in our society. While tattoos are themselves not always bad the intention of the one receiving them may not be the best. One needs to be aware of the danger off getting a tattoo for the wrong reason, like out of the desire for attention. Father also talks about how if one is to get a "religious" tattoo they need to be careful to not let it replace their faith life. Additionally Father addresses other long term effects of tattoos such as possible removal, other more intense body mutilations and degrading of tattoo over time. 

Broadcast Date: June 27, 2018

2018.06.27 LA Catholic Morning:

Topics: Fertility "Specialists" Gone Amok; "Transactional Consent" for Sex 

Fertility Specialists as Cowboys in the Wild West of Infertility. The hosts and Father Tad review the not-insignificant number of cases of fertility specialists crossing important moral lines with their patients, from Octomom's doctor, who implanted her with an an absurd number of embryos, to fertility specialists who use their own sperm, without informing their patients, to impregnate them, to others who implant the wrong embryos into mothers. They discuss the inherent reality of exclusivity in marriage, and how that exclusivity is so often ripped awry by the decision to seek out, with the help of specialists, immoral forms of infertility treatment. 

Consent Rings Hollow Without Marital Commitment. In the second segment Father Tad discusses how consent for sexual intercourse cannot be reduced to a "transactional" consent, made in the moment, perhaps verified by a cell phone app, as sometimes occurs among millennials.  Women seem to be particularly aware of this, that consent should mean something larger, and be part of a broader, permanent commitment like marriage, not merely a togetherness extending merely to the next sunrise. 

 Broadcast Date: May 29, 2018

2018.05.29 LA Catholic Morning:



Topics: VSED; Frozen Embryos 

Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED). Father Tad addresses the practice of VSED as a form of suicide. He addresses the moral implications of starving oneself with the intention of leading to a quicker death and discusses the circumstances when a feeding tube is warranted.

The Frozen Embryo Crisis. In discussing the problem of supernumerary or excess embryos produced during fertility treatments, Father Tad stresses the need to first "stop the assembly line" as well as various ideas for handling this awkward situation involving millions of abandoned and trapped human beings.

 Broadcast Date: April 17, 2018

2018.04.17 LA Catholic Morning:



Topics: Wrongful Birth Lawsuit; Brain Scans 

What in the World is a Wrongful Birth Lawsuit? A wrongful birth lawsuit involves suing the doctor or hospital for not telling you if your child has a disability before the child is born, so that an abortion can be performed. Today's show offers an in-depth analysis of what this means and looks at the radical unreasonableness of pressuring the medical profession to maintain "quality control." The importance of adopting a posture that cherishes each child exactly as he or she comes to us is also discussed.

How Necessary are Brain Scans? In the second segment of today's show, the importance of brain scans in diagnosing certain focal brain disorders and pathologies is discussed. The hosts and Father Tad also examine some of the questionable claims suggesting that SPECT brain scans, or other scanning technologies like PET and MRI's, can provide diagnostic clarity regarding virtually every disorder of the central nervous system, ranging from schizophrenia to depression. 

Broadcast Date: March 27, 2018


2018.03.27 LA Catholic Morning:



Topics: To Be or Not to Be? — Assisted Suicide; HIV and the AIDS Pandemic

The Implications of Physician Assisted Suicide. A discussion of the moral and spiritual implications of suicide. Father Tad discusses the notion emphasized by Shakespeare that suicide may not be the "easy out" that some imagine, but a tragic error with implications and reverberations potentially extending far beyond this side of the grave. 

The HIV and AIDS Crisis. Addressing the HIV/AIDS pandemic is an important priority, and the hosts discuss with Father Tad what constitutes a reasonable response to this within our society today. They discuss the use of "pre-exposure prophylaxis" or "PrEP" and certain ethical concerns around the use of the drug regimen known as Truvada. Additionally Father explores some angles and root causes of the AIDS and HIV crisis in our society today.

 Broadcast Date: February 28, 2018


2018.02.28 LA Catholic Morning:



Topics: The Pill; Amniocentesis & Prenatal Testing

Not a Magic Cure for Everything: Father Tad tackles the pressing issue of birth control, focusing on the Pill. He discusses the health drawbacks, the social pressures and expectations, as well as the moral issues surrounding the use of the Pill.

Prenatal Testing and the Importance of the Why and the Intention. Father Tad shares with listeners what amniocentesis is and how it can be used for both moral and immoral purposes. He discusses how the information provided by it can be useful and helpful in certain cases, either by providing a diagnosis that will be important to  offering a treatment for the child in utero, and/or by helping prepare the parents to more serenely accept and prepare for the gift of new life in their child.

Broadcast Date: January 16, 2018


2018.01.16 LA Catholic Morning:




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